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Hiatus Over…

I’m attempting to start posting with some regularity again after a bit of a hiatus, simply because of busyness and lack of time.

I’ve got a couple of (sort of) reviews lined up, one for a game and one for an album.

Stay tuned.


What this is…

Months ago, I attempted a previous blog, and didn’t much follow through with it.  Four or five posts down the line, and I had moved on, not forgetting but not updating, not keeping things going.

It was kind of an odd thing for me to do, and it’s even stranger for me to being blogging again.  The idea, I figure, is twofold: I need to write and write and write, and blogging is as good a method as any (even if it’s more or less supplemental to other writing interests of mine), and I need to add my voice to the cacophony of voices already out there and attempt to stand out a bit.

This blog is going to focus mostly on media: games, film and music, and my personal thoughts on developments in each industry, as well as some thoughts on what I’m working through or what I’m enjoying at that point in time.  I intend to provide intellectual responses to problems posed in the forms of media I’m working on.  For example, if I wanted to examine sexuality in The Ballad of Gay Tony, the new Grand Theft Auto expansion, this would be a forum to do so.

However, Absolution in Suspension will also be a place for me to talk, in a very peripheral manner, about my life and some of the things that are going on there.  Certainly this is not the goal of the blog, and to examine this in greater detail than I intend on doing will be to distract from the purpose.